More pictures from Wednesday’s ICCB Handover Ceremony. It was wonderful to recognize so many of the people that helped to make the Bazaar a success.

On Wednesday, December 12 at the Kempinski Hotel, the 2018 International Christmas Charity Bazaar held it’s Handover Ceremony. With many people in attendance, it was announced that more money was raised for the beneficiaries this year than even last year! Because of the generosity of our sponsors, embassies, stands, and the public that attended, $100,000 Euros will be given to the eight chosen charities for their projects! Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Bazaar such a successful event!

Photographs by Irene Vital.


This year’s successful International Christmas Charity Bazaar received a lot of great attention from the press. We’d like to share some of these wonderful articles with you.…/vilniuje-atidaryta-tarptautine-kaled……/vilniuje-i-rotuse-svecius-vel-sukviete…


As Chair of the ICCB 2018 committee I would like to thank each and everyone of you for making this year’s Bazaar such a success! We could not have done it without you! And by you I mean everyone.
– Our Patron Mrs Silvija Skvernelė and Honorary Patron Mrs Birute Vizgirdienė.
– The Embassies with all their volunteers, personnel and friends.
– All our sponsors, big and small, cash and services, everyone counts.
– The entertainers both on the inside stage and outside in the wonderful first Christmas snow.
– All the dedicated volunteers who helped us during this day with numerous important tasks.
– The IWAV ladies, not only organizing and manning the IWAV stands, but also helping wherever they could.
– The schools, teachers and children with their beautiful products.
– And last, but not least, this year’s ICCB committee, my committee, these ladies who have tirelessly worked all year – and who still continue working – at the same time having a lot of fun!
This thank you would not be complete without also thanking you, our great public, who came to the Bazaar and opened your hearts – as well as your wallets – for this charitable cause.
Ebba Michelsson
Chair of ICCB 2018

There were so many amazing stands and performers that made the 2018 International Christmas Charity Bazaar so special! Here are just some of the photos collected so far.

Here it is – the official list of Lottery prize winning numbers! All winners have already been contacted, and only a handful are left to deliver. Congratulations to the lucky winners!






The International Women’s Association of Vilnius (IWAV) and the 2018 International Christmas Charity Bazaar would like to thank all of our generous sponsors without whom yesterday’s wonderful event couldn’t have happened. Thank you!







A message and photos from the stand of the American International School of Vilnius.

Our students are putting much love and effort in the lovely crafts they make for the AISV stand at the International Christmas Charity Bazaar that will be held on December 1st from 12 to 6.00 pm – come to support this great charitable event and shop for the unique presents for Christmas!


















Here are some photos and a greeting from the Austria stand!
Advento ramybės,
Kalėdinės nuotaikos,
Austriškos muzikos širdyje.
We wish you
tranquil advent season,
Christmas joy
and may the Austrian music warm your heart
Wir wünschen Ihnen besinnliche Adventszeit,
weihnachtliche Stimmung
und Klang der österreichischen Musik im Herzen.






From our friends at the India stand:
India stall welcomes you and suggests to take some warm feelings given by our hand-made products to your homes. Please do not forget to visit our food stand and grab a freshly baked samosa, enjoy Chicken Tikka Masala or have a cup of hot  Masala Chai.





We have photos and a message from the Lithuanian stand:

“We are waiting for you in as always abundant goods Lithuanian stand. Your donations warms the heart.”  The best wishes Loreta Mitkutė assign Jolanta Svidinskienė

Look at the behind-the-scene work going on as Sweden puts together items for its stand. They are packing their sponsors’ Oriflame and Rimi presents and creating Christmas decorations from natural materials!










Here is some information from the IWAV Boutique stand!






The IWAV Boutique stand will offer many special items at the 2018 International Christmas Charity Bazaar on December 1st. Great Christmas presents for yourself and friends:

Health products, herbal teas, spices and honey, LavenderVillage products ,

Cute hand-made baby mobiles and toys from

Distinctive fashion items of Lithuanian designers from Designer Space Pop-Up, which you can also visit the night before and after the ICCB

Esthederm and Bioderma valuable face pampering products

Wamrming baby toys from  and many more…

Now a message from the Ireland stand!

Failte! From the Irish Stand at ICCB.

We look forward to welcoming you with our best Irish coffees and some home-made mulled apple juice!

Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh Go Leir!

Kviečiame apsilankyti Airijos stende bei paragauti gardžios airiškos kavos bei naminių, karštų obuolių sulčių!



Here is another article on about one of our beneficiaries for the 2018 International Christmas Charity Bazaar!–8294038/


The Armenian stand is ready to share a lot of wonderful things at the Bazaar. Take a look!

Բարի գալուստ! (Bari galust!) Welcome!

This year, as always, we offer a wide variety of authentic souvenirs, delicious Armenian food and drinks! Come and be tempted to buy a box of super-delicious baklava, a rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts, sweetened and held together with syrup or honey, or take home some packets of genuine lavash! We will offer also a unique selection of Armenian wines and preserves to adorn your Christmas table.

Sveiki atvykę! Šiais metais, kaip visada, mes džiaugiamės galėdami jums pasiūlyti didelę armėniškų suvenyrų, valgių bei gėrimų įvairovę! Nepraleiskite išskirtinės progos nusipirkti nuostabaus, burnoje tirpstančio baklava – deserto, pagaminto iš sluoksniuotos tešlos, įdaryto smulkintais graikiškais riešutais ir pasaldinto sirupu ar medumi bei įsigyti tikro armėniško lavašo! Taip pat siūlome jums unikalią armeniško vyno bei skanėstų įvairovę, kuri papuoš Jūsų Kalėdinį stalą.






Here are some pictures of the fabulous things you’ll see at the Azerbaijan stand!

























One of the most exciting things about the International Christmas Charity Bazaar is the Lottery. Generously donated prizes from local and international companies are available during the Lottery drawings at 3PM. Some of the prizes include a stay at SPA Vilnius, a stay at the Radisson Blu, Lithuanian Philharmonic Theatre tickets, a stunning stainless steel pitcher, two wool Lanificio Lanerossi-Marzotto blankets, and a beautiful silver bracelet!

Tickets are available at the Bazaar on December 1st or now through participating embassies.

More prizes and pictures to come!





The Vilnius International School stand will include many handicrafts!






And now a few pictures from the German stand!










Here are a few pictures as a preview for the Japanese stand!

Have you decided what to buy for Christmas gifts? We offer Plenty of Japanese famous character goods and delicious Macha (green tea) sweets this year as well as traditional crafts. Don’t miss our both inside and outside stands out!

Ar jau apsisprendėte kokias dovanėles pirksite Kalėdoms? Mes siūlome jums daugybę Japoniškų žinomų ženklų prekių, skanią žaliąją arbatą Mačią, saldumynus ir taip pat tradicinius meno dirbinius. Nepraleiskite progos ir aplankykite mūsų stendus Rotušės viduje ir lauke!









We’ve asked our different stands to give us a preview of what will be at their stands during the Bazaar. Here is the first description from the Chinese stand!





During the ICCB this year, the Chinese Embassy will provide various Chinese products, snacks, and performance, guaranteeing you a lovely and authentic Chinese experience. At our indoor stand, you will find plenty of Chinese decorations and gadgets, such as oriental foldable fans, embroidered handbags, coasters, pearl earrings and etc. Or you may want to take a challenge on Baijiu (Chinese spirits) and bring home a bottle of Lu Zhou Lao Jiao or Hong Xing Er Guo Tou!

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art, which combines profound principles, theories, and martial art techniques. The slow, soft and continuously flowing movements appear mysterious on the surface. However, it is the cultivation of one’s internal energy, mind and the physical body.

The Zheng or Guzheng, also known as the Chinese zither, is a Chinese plucked string instrument with a more than 2,500-year history. Guzheng players often wear fingerpicks, made from materials such as tortoiseshell, resin or hard plastic, on one or both hands. Players from China will play 4 compositions with guzheng – “The Song of the Tianshan” “Pull out the Luchai Flower” “The gongs and drums for the harvest” “Midu Folk Songs” “Blue and white pottery”

Food is always the best access to “taste” Chinese culture. Traditions and customs formed and became what they are today while Chinese people made creative daily food. Four types of snacks are available at Chinese stand this year: fried dumplings, prawn crackers, bing tang hu lu (sugar-coated haws or other fruits and nuts), and spring rolls.

What if your mobile phone dies when you are wandering around all the stands from all over the world? Why not coming to the Chinese stand, get a Xiaomi portable charger, and move on nice and easy!

What we really “sell” is love and kindness. Wish all the benevolence spread beyond the Bazaar.

Šių metų Tarptautinėje Kalėdų labdaros mugėje Kinijos ambasada pateiks įvairius kiniškus gaminius, užkandžius ir pasirodymus, kurie garantuos Jums puikią ir autentišką patirtį.

Mūsų stende rasite daugybę kiniškų dekoracijų ir daiktų, tokių kaip rytietiškos sulankstomos vėduoklės, siuvinėtos rankinės, padėkliukai, perlų auskarai ir t.t. Galbūt Jūs norėsite priimti Baijiu (tradicinis kinų alkoholinis gėrimas) iššūkį ir parsinešti namo butelį Lu Zhou Lao Jiao arba Hong Xing Er Guo Tuo!

Tai Chi yra senovės Kinijos vidinis kovos menas, kuris savyje apjungia gilius principus, teorijas ir kovos meno technikas. Lėti, švelnūs ir grakštūs judesiai atrodo paslaptingi, tačiau tai yra vidinės energijos, proto ir fizinio kūno ugdymas.

Zheng arba Guzheng, taip pat žinomas kaip kinų citra, yra styginis kinų instrumentas, kurio istorija viršija 2500 metų. Muzikantai, grojantys Guzheng, ant viMaistas visada yra geriausias būdas „paragauti“ kinų kultūros. Tradicijos ir papročiai susiformavo ir tapo tokie, kokie yra šiandien, kol kinai gamino savo kasdienį, tačiau kūrybišką maistą. Šiais metais Kinijos stende bus galima įsigyti ir paragauti keturių rūšių užkandžių: keptų koldūnų, krevečių traškučių, bing tang hu lu (cukrumi padengti gudobelės uogų ar kitų vaisių ir riešutų vėrinukai) ir pavasario suktinukų.enos arba abiejų rankų dažnai dėvi brauktukus, pagamintus iš tokių medžiagų kaip vėžlio kiautas, derva ar kietas plastikas. Muzikantai iš Kinijos Guzheng instrumentu gros 5 kompozicijas – „Tianshan daina“, „Nuskinti Luchai gėlę“, „Gongai ir būgnai derliaus nuėmimui“, „Midu liaudies dainos“, „Mėlyna ir balta keramika“.

Ką daryti, jeigu Jūsų mobilusis telefonas išsikraus, kol žvalgysitės po stendus iš viso pasaulio? Galėsite užsukti į Kinijos stendą, įsigyti „Xiaomi“ nešiojamąjį įkroviklį ir toliau lengvai bei nerūpestingai tyrinėti mugę!

Ką daryti, jeigu Jūsų mobilusis telefonas išsikraus, kol žvalgysitės po stendus iš viso pasaulio? Galėsite užsukti į Kinijos stendą, įsigyti „Xiaomi“ nešiojamąjį įkroviklį ir toliau lengvai bei nerūpestingai tyrinėti mugę!






Just a reminder – the 3rd ICCB 2018 General Meeting for the International Christmas Charity Bazaar is this coming Monday 19th November at 10:00 at the Novotel Hotel (Gedimino pr. 16).

This meeting is for stand management only and we strongly encourage you to attend to gain important information before the event and collect items including volunteer badges, additional lottery tickets and opening ceremony/VIP Coffee tickets. We will also be providing information on stand locations and set-up times.

It is very important that someone from each stand attends this meeting, if no-one can attend please inform as and we will arrange for collection of materials that we will be handing out.

Last week many of the stand participants took part in a workshop that had them decorating beautiful Christmas tree balls! Talent was on display as countries painted the spheres with seasonal and traditional designs. It was great fun, and the Christmas balls will be available at many of the stands. The pictures show what a good time it was!






For those participants that signed up for the 2018 ICCB workshop, please remember that it is this Tuesday, November 6 from 10:00 to 13:00 at the Finnish Embassy (K.Kalinausko g 24, Vilnius). We are going to have a great time, and the decorations made will be excellent additions to your stands! See you there!

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2nd General Meeting for the ICCB on October 8!  We discussed information on stand requirements, stand management, and upcoming events, including the workshop coming up on November 6.  If you missed the meeting, or would like to review the presentation slideshow, please click on the link below:

2nd General Meeting Slideshow

Reminder for the 2018 ICCB 2nd General Meeting coming up on October 8 from 10 am to noon at the Finnish Embassy in Vilnius.  Representatives from the international community who plan to operate a stand this year should attend. Stands are reserved for foreign embassies and consulates and international schools. Questions on stand applications should be directed to

New venue for the 2nd ICCB 2018 General Meeting!

The second ICCB 2018 General Meeting will take place on Monday, the 8th of October at 10:00 at the Embassy of Finland, K. Kalinausko g. 24, 2nd floor (for those who participated last year, this is where the workshop was held.)

During this meeting we will be going through important information including the press event and the participation guidelines for this year’s event. We very much hope to see you there! 

We are delighted to announce our preparations for the

2018 International Christmas Charity Bazaar!

The 1st General Meeting of the 2018 International Christmas Charity Bazaar was held at the Novotel Hotel on Monday, September 17, 2018.  A lot of information was shared, and here are some links to provide you with those details.

1st Meeting Presentation

2018 Letter to Sponsors

2018 ICCB Stand Registration Form

Thank you to everyone who made last year’s Bazaar an enormous success – including our patrons, sponsors, legal partner, volunteers, stands, committee members, entertainers, visitors and many, many more!