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ICCB 2013 Beneficiaries

1. Vilkpedes hospital, Vilnius
2. Special education centre “Aidas”, Vilnius
3. Caritas, Vilnius
4. Children’s Hospital Santariskes, Vilnius
5. “Viltis” welfare society, Vilnius
6. Santariskes Paediatric Pulmonology dept, Vilnius
7. “Pastoge” child welfare centre, Kaunas
8. Visaginas social services center
9. Special school , Rusnes
10. Sv. Jonovaikai,  Trakai
11. Social Care Centre “Zidinys”, Lazdijai
12. Kulverstuko nursery school, Kelmes
13. Social Care Centre, Klaipeda
14. SOS Animal Shelter, Vilnius
15. Salezieciu Vilniaus Namai, Vilnius

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Gifts from Around The World

More than 30 countries were represented by their embassies or foreign missions at the International Christmas Charity bazaar 2013. Each country offered gifts for sale that they had specially chosen from their home market.

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