The Silent Auction is officially closed (2nd December 12:00), thank you all for bidding so generously!

The final bids are:
ITEM 1 – 135 Euros
ITEM 2 – 100 Euros
ITEM 3 – 180 Euros
ITEM 4 – 110 Euros
ITEM 5 – 60 Euros

Winners will be contacted personally within 3 days after the bazaar.
All proceeds go directly to this year’s beneficiaries.


ITEM 1: Unique Framed Artwork, “Patu and Tatu saving the Gediminas Hill”, by Ainu Havukainen and Sami Toivonen 

Starting Bid: 100€
Current Bid: 135€
Ainu Havukainen and Sami Toivonen are Finnish artists who visited Vilnius during the Vilnius Book fair in February 2017. One of their children’s books was translated into Lithuanian and launched at the Fair as one of the Suomi Finland 100 events in Lithuania. They held a workshop for children where children could draw their own versions of Tatu and Patus (Tatai ir Patai) inventions. The artist made two drawings during the workshop at the Fair and this one shows how “Tatai ir Patai” are saving Gediminas hill with one of their inventions.

ITEM 2: Unique Artwork “Patu and Tatu say Labas” by Ainu Havukainen and Sami Toivonen 

Starting Bid: 50€
Current Bid: 100€
ITEM 3: Designer Handbag, Sirena.

Worth 250€ 
Starting Bid: 75€
Current Bid: 180€

“Sirena” bags are designer Irena Serapinienė’s Lithuanian handmade leather handbags brand since 1994.  All handbags are genuine handmade, and only made of natural leather.

ITEM 4: Designer necklace and matching earrings – Designed by Kristina Auksakiene and Donated by Jurate’s Akmeneliai Atelier. 

Worth 200€.
Starting Bid: 50€
Current Bid: 110€

“Jūratės akmenėliai” – the first and only store of its kind in the Baltics, opened doors in 2005 on Pylimo Street, Vilnius Old Town.  The shop stocks a plethora of stones, wonderful glass beads and semi-precious stones which can be created and sculpted into gorgeous, on of a kind items.  This stunningly beautiful necklace and earring set has been designed by Kristina Auksakiene using items from the store.  You will be the owner of a unique set of stunning jewellery, owned by no one else!

ITEM 5:   Hand-painted Glass Christmas Decorative Balls – box of 4 balls by Ms Nomeda Marcenaite, Mrs Silvija Skvernele, Mrs Birute Vizgirdiene and Mrs Andrea Kedmenec.

Starting Bid: 50€
Current Bid: 60€

A truly one-of-a-kind gift!!  These gorgeous Christmas decorations were made during the workshop at which the ICCB 2017 Patrons Mrs Alma Adamkiene and Mrs Silvija Skvernele and one of the original founders of ICCB Mrs Birute Vizgirdiene took part. The artist Ms Nomeda Marcenaite led the workshop.

The Balls in the package were made by Mrs Skvernele, Ms Marcenaite, Mrs Vizgirdiene and one with the 2017 ICCB logo made by ICCB 2017 designer Mrs Andrea Kedmenec.  A beautiful addition to the Christmas decorations for your home, and a true talking point!

The small print:
1. You may bid as many times as you like, for one or more items.
2. All bids are binding – by sending a bid, you are committing to being able to pay the amount bid for that item. 
3. Bids will be updated on the Facebook page – names will be kept confidential, only the bidding amount will be publicly disclosed.
4.The highest bid for each item, wins the item.  Bidding closes when the Bazaar starts on 2nd December 2107 12:00. 
5. If you have the winning bid you will be contacted by email by the 3rd December, and all the winners will be posted on our Facebook page and this website by the 5th December.
6. Payments can be made my cash or by bank transfer – details will provided if you have the winning bid. 
7. All prizes must be collected by 29th December – email to claim your prize. 
8. Unclaimed prizes will be given to charity.